Primo is a visual CMS that makes it a blast to build pages, manage content, and edit code - one block at a time.

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The modern monolithic CMS

Primo combines delightful content management with the power of modern development

Drag-n-drop page building

Build your site's pages by dragging and dropping your directly blocks onto the page, unencumbered by overwhelming design options.

Visual content editing

Update your text, images, and links directly on the page or open up the Fields view to manage your content from a structured view.

Integrated development

Access each block's code with a click - right from your browser. And since each block is a Svelte component, there's no limit to what you can make.

  • Static Sites

    Your websites are secure, scalable to millions, and fast-loading - no fancy plugins necessary.

  • Real-time collaboration

    Invite any number of collaborators as developers or content editors and edit your pages together.

  • Internationalization

    Easily manage content for over 60 locales and build each as a static version so you can rule your SEO.

  • Multisite to the max

    Create an unlimited number of websites on a single server and start new sites in seconds.

  • Themes & blocks

    Hit the ground running with Primo's free themes and blocks that can be used on any Primo site.

  • Deploy to Github

    Deploy your site to a Github repository, from where you can easily deploy it to any web host.

Hear about future updates, including:

  • Using it headless alongside SvelteKit, NextJS, etc.

  • Leveraging GPT4 to create unique sites, pages, and blocks with a prompt.

  • Design fields to give content editors style options.

  • Cloud functions for writing backend code from Primo.